Fees for copy editing and proofreading start at $25 / hour.

Fees for structural editing start at $30 / hour.

Express Service for editing and proofreading documents is also available.

Business Communication/Reports and Technical Writing:
Fees for document researching and writing start at $50 / hour.

Communications and Language Training Classes and Tutorials:
Fees for communications and language training start at $50 / hour.


Small editing and proofreading contracts are invoiced upon completion. Projects that run more than two weeks are billed on a biweekly basis or as specified according to the agreed upon payment schedule. An advance payment of 40% of the total invoice is required for most large editing projects and, in some cases, for first-time clients with large projects. All invoices are due and payable upon receipt.

For Business Communications / Technical Writing contracts, 60% of the Project Fee is payable when First Draft is completed. The remaining 40% of the Project Fee is payable when the Project is completed and delivered.

For Communications and Language Training contracts, fees are payable upon receipt of the invoices for work relating to the Initial Assessment, Midterm Assessment Report and Final Assessment Report.

Payment(s) may be made by cheque or money order payable to Sophia Communications. In some circumstances a certified cheque may be required.

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